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Randomisation Projects - Live
  ACTIB Assessing Cognitive behavioural Therapy in Irritable Bowel ISRCTN44427879
  ACTMUS Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Muscle Disease NCT02810028
  AerosureCOPD Does high-frequency airflow oscillation, delivered using Aerosure, increase exercise capacity in severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease? NCT02007590
  APIPPRA_NETHERLANDS Arthritis Prevention In the Pre-clinical Phase of RA with Abatacept (APIPPRA) ISRCTN46017566
  APIPPRA_UK Arthritis Prevention In the Pre-clinical Phase of RA with Abatacept (APIPPRA) ISRCTN46017566
  APRICOT Treatment of pustular psoriasis with the IL-1 receptor antagonist anakinra: a randomised, placebo controlled trial and associated mechanistic studies 2015-003600-23
  ASCOT A phase 3 multi-center double masked randomised controlled trial of adjunctive intraocular and periocular steroid (triamcinolone acetonide) versus standard treatment in eyes undergoing viteroretinal surgery for open globe trauma ISRCTN30012492
  BalancingACT Balancing ACT: Evaluating the effectiveness of psychoeducation and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) groups for people with bipolar disorder. ISRCTN73327972
  BeMind A comparison to two types of group behaviour therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder: A pilot randomised controlled trial of behaviour therapy and mindfulness-based behaviour therapy for OCD ISRCTN52684820
  CADMUS Multi-parametric Ultrasound targeted biopsies compared to Multiparametric MRI targeted biopsies in the diagnosis of clinically significant prostate cancer NCT02712684
  CALLME Care Augmentation by Location-Linked Messaging ISRCTN71271888
  CASAAF Catheter Ablation vs. Thoracoscopic Surgical Ablation in Long-Standing Persistent Atrial Fibrillation ISRCTN18250790
  CBMpa Cognitive Bias Modification for Paranoia ISRCTN90749868
  CIAOII Randomised controlled trial of the short term effects of OROS-methylphenidate on ADHD symptoms and behavioural outcomes in young male prisoners with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ISRCTN16827947
  CICADA Inhibiting white blood cell function as a new way to treat coronary heart disease ISRCTN48328178
  CLARITY Clinical Efficacy and Mechanistic Evaluation of Aflibercept for Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy (CLARITY). A Multicentre Phase IIb Randomised Active-Controlled Clinical trial. ISRCTN32207582
  CODES COgnitive behavioural therapy vs standardised medical care for adults with Dissociative non-Epileptic Seizures: A multicentre randomised controlled trial ISRCTN05681227
  CONVINCE A study to assess the feasibility and patient acceptability of a randomised, crossover design to compare virtual vs conventional chromoendoscopy for the detection of dysplasia in colitis NCT02543021
  CRiB Cognitive Remediation in Bipolar disorder: a feasibility study ISRCTN32290525
  CRUNCH Development of a randomized controlled trial to increase cereal fibre intake to reduce insulin resistance in children. ISRCTN33260236
  DATES Diabetes And Telecommunications Study to support self-management for people with type 2 diabetes: a randomized controlled trial(The DATES trial) ISRCTN10342151
  DFEND A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group trial of Vitamin D supplementation compared to placebo in people presenting with their First Episode of psychosis Neuroprotection Design (DFEND) 2014-002639-32
  DiabetesStopwatch Effectiveness of integrating motivational instant messaging into an e-diabetes prevention programme in people at high risk of type 2 diabetes: a prospective, parallel-group, randomised controlled trial NCT02919397
  DISKO The Effect of Denosumab on Pain and Bone Marrow Lesions in Symptomatic Knee Osteoarthritis: A Randomised Double Blind Placebo Controlled Clinical Trial ISRCTN96920058
  ECLIPSE ECLIPSE Study 9: Building resilience and recovery through enhancing cognition and quality ISRCTN14678860
  ENPENS A randomised patient-assessor blinded sham controlled trial of External non-invasive peripheral nerve stimulation for chronic neuropathic pain following peripheral nerve injury (EN-PENS trial). ISRCTN53432663
  ERTTP A phase IV, prospective, randomised single-blind UK multicentre, non-inferiority trial of low-dose versus standard dose rituximab for prevention of relapses in acquired TTP 2017-001117-86
  FORSUS Comparison of the effectiveness of the Twin Block and FORSUS functional appliance for the treatment of Class II division 1 malocclusion patients ISRCTN80447398
  FRAMEFIT Frame Fit. A randomised controlled trial to determine the acceptability, safety and efficacy of a falls prevention exercise programme for walking frame users. ISRCTN57645734
  GLIDE Gastric Band and Liraglutide Intervention in Diabetes Evolution – A Randomised Double-Blind Plcaebo-Controlled Trial ISRCTN10551314
  HARPdoc Beyond education: A Hypoglycaemia Awareness Restoration Programme for people with type 1 diabetes and problematic hypoglycaemia persisting despite optimised self-care (HARPdoc) NCT02940873
  HFPRCT Helping Families: Psychoeducational Intervention for Parents with Personality Disorders ISRCTN14573230
  IMAGINE A brief early intervention for adolescent depression that targets emotional memories: a feasibility randomised controlled trial ISRCTN85369879
  InterMuscle A Phase 2 Pilot Physiological Randomised Clinical Trial to Investigate the Effect of Intermittent versus Continuous Enteral Nutrition on Muscle Wasting in Critical Illness NCT02358512
  INTERSTAARS Attention Control Training for Infants at Risk for ADHD ISRCTN37683928
  IPTG01 An antimicrobial cream for the treatment of impetigo 2008-000036-41
  IRIS Inflammatory Response In Schizophrenia (IRIS) NCT03093064
  LAST Effect of Lixisenatide on arterial stiffness in patients with diabetic nephropathy 2016-001758-17
  LEAVO A Multicentre Phase III Double-masked Randomised Controlled Non-Inferiority Trial comparing the clinical and cost effectiveness of intravitreal therapy with ranibizumab (Lucentis) vs aflibercept (Eylea) vs bevacizumab (Avastin) for Macular Oedema due to Central Retinal Vein Occlusion (CRVO). ISRCTN13623634
  LIFT Prospective randomised marker-based trial to assess the clinical utility and safety of biomarker-guided immunosuppression withdrawal in liver transplantation ISRCTN47808000
  LQD Lithium versus quetiapine in treatment resistant depression ISRCTN16387615
  MAGSTAR MAGnetic versus STAndard technique for sentinel node biopsy in breast cancer compared in a Randomised controlled trial ISRCTN20200149
  METAL Metformin and Longevity: A window of opportunity study investigating the biological effects of metformin in localised prostate cancer 2014-005193-11
  MIFCOG Cortisol and memory in alcoholics: Mifepristone Study ISRCTN54001953
  MINDEP Understanding the molecular basis for the use of adjunctive anti-inflammatory treatment in treatment resistant depression: a stratified, randomised, placebo-controlled, experimental medicine study using minocycline 2015-003413-26
  MOLTO Single arm feasibility of multi-maintenance olaparib after disease recurrence in participants with platinum sensitive BRCAm high grade serous ovarian cancer NCT02855697
  NeuroMooD Comparing fMRI neurofeedback and neurostimulation treatments in self-blaming emotions in major depressive disorder – a pilot trial ISRCTN10526888
  NOC The NOC Study (Nitric Oxide in Cognition) NCT02906553
  OPTCare_Neuro Evaluation of the clinical and cost-effectiveness of Short-term Integrated Palliative Care Services (SIPC) to OPTimise CARE for people with advanced long-term Neurological conditions ISRCTN18337380
  OUTSMART Optimized TacrolimuS and MMF for HLA Antibodies after Renal Transplantation ISRCTN46157828
  PACTG Improving autistic children's social communication with parents in everyday settings ISRCTN25378536
  PAVE Paclitaxel assisted balloon Angioplasty of Venous stenosis in haEmodialysis access ISRCTN14284759
  PAZOFOS A phase Ib and Randomised Phase II Trial of Pazopanib with or without Fosbretabulin in Advanced Recurrent Ovarian cancer NCT02055690
  PEACE Comparison of Trabeculectomy with Mitomycin-C versus Baerveldt tube surgery with and without Mitomycin-C in black African/African-Caribbean patients with primary open angle glaucoma: a randomised feasibility trial NCT02989207
  PET Outcome following Stabilization of fresh unilateral unstable pertrochanteric hip fracture with either the Endovis BA2 cephalomedullary nail or the Dynamic Hip screw: A Single Centre, Feasibility Study NCT02788994
  preheat PREHEAT Trial - local heat preconditioning and wound healing ISRCTN15744669
  PRESERVE How intensively should we treat blood pressure in established cerebral small vessel disease? ISRCTN37694103
  PRINCEPrimary Persistent physical symptoms Reduction INtervention: a system Change & Evaluation in Primary Care (PRINCE Primary) NCT02444520
  PRINCESecondary Persistent Physical Symptoms Reduction Intervention: a System Change and Evaluation in Secondary Care NCT02426788
  PRISM A Prospective Randomised Study of Advanced Imaging Guided Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy (CRT) vs Conventional CRT Implantation in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure NCT01429753
  PROBITF Prostaglandin insert (Propess) versus trans-cervical balloon catheter for out-patient labour induction: A randomised controlled trial of feasibility (PROBIT-F) NCT03199820
  RADICRT A Prospective Randomised Controlled Trial of Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy Guided by Invasive dP/dt: Radi-CRT Study NCT01464502
  REDUCe Palliative long-term abdominal drains versus repeated drainage in individuals with untreatable ascites due to advanced cirrhosis: a feasibility randomised controlled trial ISRCTN30697116
  RESTUS A randomised feasibility study examining daily sedation holds and nocturnal rest using neurally-adjusted ventilatory assist (NAVA) in patients at high risk of prolonged ventilatory failure during recovery from critical illness NCT01826890
  ReZone Developing an app to help young people self-manage when feeling overwhelmed during lessons ISRCTN13425994
  SCIN SCIN (Skin care intervention in nurses) Trial ISRCTN53303171
  SITADS Pilot randomised controlled trial of SITAgliptin for Depressive Symptoms in type 2 diabetes 2015-004527-32
  SLOWMO A randomised controlled trial to evaluate the outcomes and mechanisms of a novel digital reasoning intervention for persecutory delusions. ISRCTN32448671
  STAR StereoTactic radiotherapy for wet Age-Related macular degeneration (STAR): A randomised, double-masked, sham-controlled, clinical trial comparing low-voltage X-ray irradiation with as needed bevacizumab, to as needed bevacizumab monotherapy. NCT02243878
  STRIVEHF Standard Care vs Trtiventricular Pacing in Heart Failure NCT02529410
  SUPA SUPA: Supporting UPtake and Adherence to antiretrovirals Applying the Medical Research Council guidance to evaluate an intervention to support uptake and adherence to antiretroviral therapy for HIV ISRCTN35514212
  SUPERB Adjustment with aphasia after stroke: Exploring the feasibility of a definitive phase III RCT for SUpporting wellbeing through PEeR Befriending (SUPERB) NCT02947776
  SWAN A two arm feasibility trial of lifestyle information and Slimming World groups to promote weight management and positive lifestyle behaviour in postnatal women from an ethnically diverse inner city population ISRCTN39186148
  TIARA A sham-controlled randomised feasibility study of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) as an adjunct to treatment as usual in adults with severe and enduring anorexia nervosa (SE-AN). ISRCTN14329415
  TiMM The role of apixaban, aspirin and enoxaparin as Thromboprophylaxis in patients newly diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma - an open label randomised control clinical trial - TiMM 2015-002668-18
  TITRATE A pragmatic randomised controlled open trial of the effect of intensive management (IM) compared with standard care (SC) on remission rates at 12 months in rheumatoid arthritis patients with intermediate disease activity ISRCTN70160382
  TOHETI A single centre randomised, nonblinded, prospective trial to evaluate the use of MRI as the initial imaging modality in the investigation of patients presenting with suspected scaphoid fracture. NCT02801149
  TONICS Trial of Neurostimulation In Conversion Symptoms (TONICS): A Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) feasibility study of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for conversion disorder with motor symptoms ISRCTN51225587
  TRIANGLE A multicentre randomised controlled trial to examine whether the addition of a patient and carer skills-sharing intervention improves long-term patient wellbeing following hospital treatment for anorexia nervosa. ISRCTN14644379
  UANDI Developing the evidence base to improve implementation and uptake of CBTp: A feasibility study adopting service user and clinician perspectives to shape a brief pre-CBTp interactive ‘informed choice’ intervention in the South East and London for patient benefit ISRCTN53107879
  UMANC A Phase I study of a novel synthetic polymer nerve conduit ‘Polynerve’ in participants with sensory digital nerve injury (UMANC) NCT02970864
  UREDIA The renoprotective effects of Ursodeoxycholic acid in patients with type 1 diabetes and macroalbuminuria 2015-003609-41
  VitaminK The Additive effect of Vitamin K Supplementation and Bisphosphonate on Fracture Risk in Post-menopausal Osteoporosis NCT01232647
  WENDY A cross-sectional study comparing the Whooley questions and Edinburgh postnatal depression scale against a diagnostic assessment in identifying depression in pregnancy 16403
Randomisation Projects - In Development
  AMBIC Abbreviated Mentalization Based Therapy in Borderline Crises
  BARILIFESTYLE Evaluation of the effect of a post-surgery lifestyle intervention compared to usual care upon post-surgery weight loss and changes in body composition, physical activity levels and health-related quality of life in the first year following bariatric surgery NCT03214471
  HYPATIA HYPATIA: A prospective randomised controlled trial of HYdroxychoroquine versus placebo during Pregnancy in women with AnTIphospholipid Antibodies
  INCVD Imaging cerebral neuroinflammation in acute and chronic cerebrovascular disease: a predictor of outcome and biomarker for guiding treatment (IN-CVD) ISRCTN13797354
  MOSAIC A brief physiotherapist-led behaviour-change intervention to facilitate walking in older people with peripheral arterial disease: A randomised controlled trial
  PRedSS A Phase II Randomised Controlled Study of Oral Prednisolone in Early Diffuse Cutaneous Systemic Sclerosis
  Sofia Adapted Solution Focused brief therapy In post-stroke Aphasia (SOFIA trial): a feasibility study NCT03245060
  Swap Feasibility of the safe withdrawal of inhaled corticosteroids in patients with mild to moderate COPD prescribed outside guidelines 2016-001876-31
Randomisation Projects - Completed
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  ACTfR ACT for Recovery ISRCTN68540929
Therapy Rating Projects
  Codes COgnitive behavioural therapy vs standardised medical care for adults with Dissociative non-Epileptic Seizures: A multicentre randomised controlled trial
  CONMAN1 Developing a UK Evidence Base for Contingency Management in Addiction Treatment: Incentive-based interventions to improve treatments to reduce drug use and associated harms
  NOURISHED A Randomized Controlled Trial of Mentalization Based Therapy against Treatment as Usual in patients with both Eating Disorders and Borderline Personality Disorder
  PRAISeAbstinence Postive Reinforcement targeting Abstinence In Substance misusE (PRAISE CM Abstinence)
  PRAISeAttendance Postive Reinforcement targeting Abstinence In Substance misusE (PRAISE CM Attendance)
  PRAISeSupervisor Postive Reinforcement targeting Abstinence In Substance misusE (PRAISE Supervisor)
  SOP For SOP documentation
  Titrate A pragmatic randomised controlled open trial of the effect of intensive management (IM) compared with standard care (SC) on remission rates at 12 months in rheumatoid arthritis patients with intermediate disease activityy
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